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QuicksBooks Payroll Error 15106

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Quickbooks Desktop error 15106 may be displayed. When a user has an active QuickBooks How to resolve the QuickBooks error 15106? What are its possible causes? When is it displayed? This article will provide with a detailed analysis.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Desktop Error 15106 and how is it displayed?
While working with QuickBooks Desktop, many users may face technical issues and messages like "The update program is damaged" or "The program cannot be opened". These messages are shown because of the QuickBooks Desktop Error code 15106.

QuickBooks Desktop Error 15106
The basic cause of the QuicksBooks payroll Error 15106  is the presence of "Spy sweeper" in the Webroot antivirus software. Also, you might not have logged in with the username level admin. By logging with restricted rights, the file gets limited. This task

You should keep in mind that QuickBooks 15106 error messages occur in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000.

How to fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 15106?
The users can follow the underneath steps to fix the problems. The user can follow one step at a time. There is no requirement to follow steps orderly.

The first thing a user should do is to log in as the administrator. This may help in fixing the issue. In case the issue still persists, follow the next rectification step.
Sometimes, the spy sweeper creates trouble. Users can check out its presence in their systems by following steps.
Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on the keyboard.
Go to Processes Tab> Search Spy Sweeper.exe. Please note that if you are not able to find the file, proceed to the fourth step.
Select the file, then click on end process. If an error occurs, uninstall Webroot Spyware Sweeper using Add / Remove programs in Windows.
Locate the C: Programfiles Intuit QuickBooks (year) Components and rename the folder download qbxx to download qbxx.old. Please note that the xx is the year version of your QuickBooks.
Then reset the QuickBooks Desktop update.
If you are using a Windows account using the user account.
If you are still not able to download updates, then uninstall / reinstall in Selective Start-up.
The steps for performing a selective start-up are listed below.
Press Windows + R on the keyboard to open Run command.
Now type "msconfig". Click on OK.
Go to General and Select Selective Start-up and Load system services.
Click on Services Tab> Select Hide all Microsoft services> Click on Disable.
Now, unmark the Microsoft services check box.
Go through the list of services and ensure the Windows installer checkbox is selected. If it is not selected
Go to the system configuration window and click on restart.
Once your device opens up, install or uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks.

Even after trying and testing the Quickbooks error 15106 is not resolved, then the user can call on Quickbooks Desktop Support Phone.



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